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Cambridge Environmental Products

Low tax rates and proximity to border crossings are what drew Cambridge Environmental Products to start their business in Middlesex County. Cambridge Environmental Products is a worldwide distributor of scientific and laboratory equipment and consumables Access to a talented local workforce and ease of transportation make Middlesex County the perfect spot for their business to thrive since 2008. Co-owner, Trevor Neve foresees a bright future ahead for the company with expansion plans on the table.

Middlesex Spine and Sport Clinic

Growth and development in Middlesex County are what interested Dr. Michael Hurley in starting his business here. They provide care for most muscular, skeletal, neurological issues. The goal of Middlesex Spine and Sport is to help their customers achieve their goals so they can return to the things they love to do. He credits the local workforce for allowing there to be a family-like atmosphere among his employees. As they continue to grow and see success, they look forward to giving back to the community that helped them get to where they are today.