Key Sectors

Explore Middlesex County's 4 key sectors through the sector profile for each, and discover more about the industries that support our County and that are integral to our regional economy. Look through the business profiles highlighted for each key sector to discover our most recent profile videos featuring businesses who call Middlesex County home. Discover the resources we have highlighted for each of the 4 key sectors, to support your new or existing business as you explore your next investment opportunity in Middlesex County.


Middlesex County is a Canadian leader in agri-food and agricultural technology. The County is home to top-quality local food producers that are rapidly adopting new technologies, and a local network of agricultural equipment manufacturers, equipment dealers and service providers. Middlesex County is also home to Western University’s 33 ha research farm, which supports academic, government and industry partnerships. The County’s cluster of innovative food producers and processors, agricultural equipment firms and applied research, make Middlesex a leader in agri-food and agricultural technology innovation.
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Middlesex County is home to a wide array of advanced manufacturing firms. These innovative companies manufacture products ranging all the way from automotive parts, to bridges and more. From multi-national corporations to locally owned family businesses, the County’s strategic location and talented workforce allow local manufacturers to serve the Canadian market as well as a diverse range of international companies.
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Small Business

Middlesex County is a hive of business activity. Entrepreneurs who start, relocate and grow small to medium-sized enterprises make up the largest percentage of businesses in the Middlesex-London region. The region is home to a variety of business incubators and start-up programs which give entrepreneurs tools, networks and resources to support them at all stages. Companies in southern Ontario have access to 158 million consumers within one day’s drive, and there are almost 15 million people living in the province itself. In addition, Ontario businesses have access to a $17 trillion marketplace under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which is just one more reason that businesses of all sizes choose Middlesex County to start, grow and scale.
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Middlesex County is a popular all-season destination for residents of London and other large urban centres looking to enjoy the various events, attractions and experiences that can be found amidst the tranquility, beauty and wonder of our diverse rural landscapes.
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