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Agri Business

Middlesex County is a Canadian leader in agribusiness. The County is home to top-quality food producers and other agricultural operations, a centre of excellence for innovative farming science, food processing, research and development, technical expertise, and the tools and services needed for efficient and effective farming and agribusiness operations. 


Manufacturing & Assembly

Middlesex County is home to a wide array of manufacturing enterprises, from multi-national corporations to locally owned, family operated companies. Middlesex manufacturers serve the domestic Canadian market, the broader North American market and a diverse range of international companies. 

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Middlesex County is a hive of business activity. Entrepreneurs who start, relocate and grow small to medium-sized enterprises make up the largest percentage of businesses in the Middlesex-London region. Companies in Ontario have access to 158 million consumers within one day’s drive of southern Ontario, with more than 13 million people living in the province itself. And Ontario businesses have access to a $17 trillion marketplace under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 


Middlesex County is a popular all-season destination for residents of London and other nearby cities looking to trade a day or two of city life for the tranquility, beauty and quaint rural towns and areas.