Top 10 Reasons

Competitive labour costs

translate into lower operating costs for business.

Highway accessibility

through provincial highways 401 and 402 and arterial highways 2 & 4.

Lower taxes

Middlesex businesses benefit from lower taxes than in those charged in neighbouring urban communities.

Reliable and affordable energy

Businesses capitalize on the dependable service from electricity providers Entegrus or Hydro One and natural gas supplier Union Gas, Ltd.

Available skilled workforce

Middlesex boasts a highly educated workforce with a reputation for quality work and a strong work ethic.

Proximity to major markets

Middlesex is strategically positioned on the threshold of the US Market and halfway between Toronto and Windsor/Detroit on the NAFTA Super Highway corridor.

Exceptional educational facilities

including Western University, Fanshawe College, private schools and institutions and an outstanding elementary and secondary school system provide education and training for tomorrow’s leaders.

Supportive business climate

Business networks and organizations designed to foster new business and provide resources to existing businesses work together with the education system and all levels of government to create a diverse and dynamic local economy.

Research and development resources

The research facilities in the Middlesex-London region both private and institutional, are renowned for their advances in all areas of business and manufacturing.

Quality of Life

The rural and urban mix of the Middlesex-London region provides residents and their employers the benefits of a lower cost of living, ease of mobility, access to health services and cultural and recreational opportunities.