Small Business

Bj's Country Market owners in front of their business

More than three-quarters of operations have 10 or fewer employees with nearly half run by individuals or families, without employees, based on 2010 statistics.

That’s an unbelievable amount of time, thought, energy and work going on, generating millions of dollars in economic activity for the rural/ small urban county.
Entrepreneurs have identified opportunities in almost every sector, and are using their own skills, innovations, business acumen and work ethic to create products and services to meet these various needs and desires.

Whether it’s supplying website and marketing solutions, developing sophisticated tests to help diagnose illness, creating a healthier variety of ice cream or providing high-tech solutions for companies and governments, Middlesex County truly does it all.

Why do business owners and entrepreneurs like operating in the County? There are many reasons including lower land and utility costs, a highly efficient municipal administration that limits red tape, and access to major transportation infrastructure.

Quality of life is also very important. Thanks to its shorter commutes, and easy access to lakes, rivers,  trails and greenery, those who choose Middlesex are able to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life that makes the County a desirable place to live and work.

Entrepreneurs and large corporations alike point to the strong work ethic and diverse skill sets that are inherent to the predominantly rural workforce in Middlesex County. High rates of retention, loyalty and great technical skills – all have been cited as being exceptional qualities of the region’s workforce.

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