Business Profiles

ADS Pipe

Located in the heart of the agricultural sector here in Middlesex County, Advanced Drainage Systems is the world leader in HDPE drainage systems. As the second-largest consumer of recycled products in North America, ADS uses that recycled material to create products like pellets and polyethylene pipe. They enjoy the ease of access to the 401 corridors making it convenient to transport products for commercial and residential purposes and to local farmers for drainage in fields. ADS looks forward to increasing their footprint, adding production lines or other opportunities that will benefit their customers.

Cambridge Environmental Products

Low tax rates and proximity to border crossings are what drew Cambridge Environmental Products to start their business in Middlesex County. Cambridge Environmental Products is a worldwide distributor of scientific and laboratory equipment and consumables Access to a talented local workforce and ease of transportation make Middlesex County the perfect spot for their business to thrive since 2008. Co-owner, Trevor Neve foresees a bright future ahead for the company with expansion plans on the table.

Crown and Turtle Pub

Come for the traditional, cozy atmosphere, stay for the delicious food and plethora of quality whiskeys. Crown and Turtle Pub prides themselves on their friendly, family-style environment. Manager, Adam McGowan enjoys Middlesex County for raising his family and running a business due to the welcoming local communities that encompass it.

Middlesex Spine and Sport Clinic

Growth and development in Middlesex County are what interested Dr. Michael Hurley in starting his business here. They provide care for most muscular, skeletal, neurological issues. The goal of Middlesex Spine and Sport is to help their customers achieve their goals so they can return to the things they love to do. He credits the local workforce for allowing there to be a family-like atmosphere among his employees. As they continue to grow and see success, they look forward to giving back to the community that helped them get to where they are today.

Penta Equipment

Bursting with opportunity, Penta Equipment began many years ago by the father of current Owner and President, Glenn Buurma and now has their sights set on expansion in the near future. Penta manufactures three different kinds of agricultural equipment including feed mixers, dump wagons and manure spreaders. They credit their location in Middlesex County for being able to find well-qualified employees, adding 30+ new members to their team within the last year.

Ralph Bos Meats

Ralph Bos Meats has been a multi-generation family-owned and operated business since 1968. Offering both retail and wholesale with custom processing options, they take pride in providing quality service and products to all customers. Plant Owner, Adam Bos hopes to see the business continue in the future with his son’s involvement. Ralph Bos Meats appreciates being located in a strong rural agricultural environment as well as their skilled, loyal employees ready to ‘meat’ their customer’s needs.

The Fox Golf Club

What began in 1995 as a 9-hole course, The Fox Golf Club has grown into an 18-hole course with plans for further expansion in Middlesex County. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings on this well-maintained course. The staff at the Fox Golf Club pride themselves on their customer service resulting in great relationships with their customers. As golf is a game for people of all ages, they enjoy their location in Middlesex for the ability to draw customers in from all around them.