Making it in Middlesex: Stories of Business Success - Nortera

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Dedicated to the processing and marketing of canned and frozen vegetables and fruits, Nortera operates plants in Canada and the United States. Their name stems from their core values of sourcing their produce locally in North America. Their plants are located in close proximity to their five growing regions across Canada and the U.S., for unparalleled freshness and exceptional vegetables. Middlesex County is proud to be home to one of the locations of this fantastic company and bring you more information about them!

Tell us a bit about your company and what you do.

My name is Jody Haggith, I'm the HR Manager at Nortera and we are located in Strathroy, Ontario, Middlesex County. Nortera is the North American leader in prepared vegetables. We have 13 sites between Canada and the US, all of which produce private and customer labelled goods, including those under the Nortera brand of Artic Gardens and Del Monte. As a company, we employ over 3,500 temporary and full-time employees, 265 of which are employed in Strathroy. 

What is your business’ market/customer base?

Nortera packages for retail, food service, and industrial markets. Our customers are located throughout Canada and the US. Our location close to the 402 corridor allows us easy access to ship our finished goods to those customers. 

What are the benefits of your company being located in Middlesex County?

Middlesex County offers a vast amount of agricultural land, which allows us to obtain acreage to plant the crops we harvest within very close proximity of our plants and facilities so we aim to have our fields within 90 kilometres of where we're processing the vegetables to ensure that we can harvest them at optimum freshness and deliver the best product to our customers. 

Can you table about the engagement between your business and other local businesses in the community? 

To support our daily business needs we do involve the goods and services from local companies, such as restaurants, services like electricians, contractors, anyone that can support us in what we need to do day-to-day. It also helps us support the local economy and our fellow businesses in Middlesex County. 

Do you foresee an opportunity for growth and expansion of your business?

We have plans to continue growing within Middlesex County to met the expectations of our customer demands for a good quality prepared product. 

Life in Middlesex County is great because it offers lots of accessible housing, access to medical resources, community events, recreational facilities, good education resources, and lots of interesting activities for our employees as well. - Jody Haggith