Invest in Middlesex Takes Event Attendees Through Informational Tour of Whitecrest Innovations

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The Invest in Middlesex familiarization (FAM) tours kicked-off 2024 with a fungi-filled adventure in Putnam, Thames Centre, bringing together businesses leaders and elected officials, for a behind-the-scenes peek at Whitecrest Innovations.

Murray Good, the company's owner and founder, started the morning with a history of the company from its humble beginnings in 2001, tracing the growth over the decades and outlining exciting current and future projects they expect to undertake.

The tour revealed that Whitecrest Innovations is currently undergoing renovations to prepare for large-scale production of mycelium mushrooms, specifically for producing alternative meat - a significant leap in market expansion for the company. Dr. Spencer, the in-house mycologist, walked attendees through the cultivation and harvesting process of these mycelium products, explaining some of the benefits of shifting production to mycelium mushrooms. Among the shorter grow time and versatile applications of the end product, Dr. Spencer illustrated Whitecrest's commitment to a circular production process, aimed at energy recapture and waste reduction throughout production and recycling stages, offsetting carbon to such a degree that Whitecrest can be eligible for carbon credits.

It also turns out that mushrooms can be engineered into leather substitutes or foam packaging, demonstrated with samples circulated among attendees. Although these additional uses have not been fully explored by the company, these avenue represents an additional potential future market for Whitecrest Innovations.

FAM tours are valuable opportunities for locals, elected officials, and residents to better understand the significance of companies like Whitecrest in Middlesex County's economy - providing employment and essential goods and services to the region. Stay tuned to Invest in Middlesex' social media channels for updates on upcoming events like FAM tours in Middlesex County.

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