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Success Stories

Successful businesses choose to invest in Middlesex County. We invite you explore this page to learn more about just a few of the companies that are reaping the benefits of doing business in Middlesex County.

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Top 10 Reasons

Wondering why Middlesex County such a great place to invest?  Look no further than our list of the Top 10 Reasons companies large and small choose Middlesex County to locate and grow their business.

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Recent Investments

Are you curious to learn about some of the more recent business investments in Middlesex County?  Visit this page for an insight into some of the exciting development projects that have attracted attention in Middlesex County.

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Quick Facts

Looking for the nuts and bolts about Middlesex County?  Look no further than this page for the basic information about our County and why it makes sense to invest here.

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Making the decision to start, expand, or re-locate your business is never an easy one.  Read what these business owners have to say about why they think it’s the right decision to invest in Middlesex County.