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Business Help Centre (Middlesex CFDC) – Small Business Loans

5182 Egremont Drive, RR2 Ilderton, Poplar Hill, ON N0M 2A0
Tel: 519-641-6100 or 1-866-205-1188 Web: www.thebusinesshelpcentre.ca

The Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) of Middlesex County is a community-based non-profit organization run by a board of local volunteers. Their main objective is to encourage local entrepreneurship and economic opportunities, which is encouraged by professional business staff. Funding support is provided through the partnership of Industry Canada/ FedNor. The following programs are available through the Community Futures program: Business Consulting & Resources; Term Loan Investment in Small Business; and, Community Economic Development

Term loans are available for small businesses that may have difficulty accessing financing elsewhere. Small businesses are eligible to apply for a loan if they can demonstrate local employment creation, the ability to repay the loan and a firm personal investment commitment to the business. Loans are offered to successful applicants to a maximum of $250,000.

The following resources are also available at the CFDC of Middlesex County: Small Business Regulations, Entrepreneurial Library and Helpful Business & Community Links.

Community Employment Choices

Tel: 519-245-4500
Web: www.communityemploymentchoices.ca
Location: 16B Second St; Strathroy, ON

Community Employment Choices provides employers with local labour market information, recruitment assistance and incentives for wages, apprenticeship and placement.  

No cost services for employers in Middlesex County communities:

  • local labour market information
  • job postings
  • Incentives to support wages, apprenticeship and placement

No cost services for job seekers:

  • Job search support
  • Career planning
  • Training information
  • Job placement opportunities 

Fanshawe College Co-operative Education

Web:  www.fanshawec.ca/co-op/information-employers

Co-operative Education at Fanshawe is designed to bridge the gap between education and the work place by integrating academic studies with paid work experience and on- the- job application of theory. Students alternate semesters in college with work semesters in co-operating businesses and industries. More than just a job, the co-operative work experience is actually part of the students' curriculum, and their on-the-job performance becomes part of their academic record. Therefore, Co-op students are highly motivated to apply their skills and perform well in the work place.

Co-op students are looking ahead to careers in companies like yours. They're not expecting to simply put in time on the job, but are eager to get involved and make a worthwhile contribution. As an employer you have the opportunity to try out a student's capabilities without obligation or commitment to permanent employment.

Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions

Tel:  1-844-287-3267
Web:  www.fanshawec.ca/CTS

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant can provide up to $10,000 in government support per employee for training expenses. This grant offers direct financial support to individual employers who want to train their workforce.

The cost of training is a shared investment between employers and the government. Employers pay one-third of the training costs and the grant will pay the remaining eligible costs. There is even additional flexibility for small businesses to provide an in-kind contribution towards their share of the costs. $192 million in funding is available each year to employers just like you. A skilled workforce is your greatest competitive advantage

Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions delivers customized education programs that help employees develop skills to excel in the global marketplace.

Whether you have a team of three or three hundred, CTS can deliver high impact training to maximize team productivity and innovation. Our expert coaches partner with senior management to understand organizational goals and create tailored development programs.

  • FREE CUSTOMIZED TRAINING PLAN. We help you reach your goals.
  • FREE GRANT APPLICATION ASSISTANCE. We make getting grant money easy.

Hire Western U

For more information please visit the website below
Hire Western U

Ilderton Community Improvement Plan

Please read this pdf document below for more information
Community Improvement Plan: 

Main Street Middlesex

Web:  www.thebusinesshelpcentre.ca/cfdc-msm-loans

The Business Help Centre (CFDC) of Middlesex County is pleased to be able to offer Main Street Middlesex programming to the towns of Ailsa Craig, Dorchester, Lucan and Parkhill, Ontario. This exciting initiative, being funded in part by contributions of the Government of Canada, from January 2015 through March 2016, will provide the historic commercial downtown areas in these select Middlesex-based communities access to resources and supports geared towards:

  • Creating vibrant, active commercial districts
  • Promoting Middlesex County as a great place to shop and live
  • Enhancing the appearance and image of our historic downtowns
  • Encouraging development, redevelopment, restoration and preservation
  • Building community capacity and pride
  • Capitalizing on Middlesex County’s inherent strengths — historic architecture, character, culture and charm

Strathroy-Caradoc Façade Improvement Plan

Please visit the website below for more information

Western University Co-operative Education

Web:  www.success.uwo.ca/experience/internship__coop/index

Co-operative Education is a program which alternates periods of academic study with periods of work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and the professions.

Employer Benefits

  • Skilled, motivated temporary staff
  • Projects completed at reduced salaries
  • A trained pool for future hires
  • Enhanced corporate profile on campus
  • Opportunity to actively engage with the student learning process