New Medical Clinic in Ilderton

London Free Press (June 12, 2010)

HEALTH: Ilderton's new facility will provide treatment for area residents and will also serve as as a family doctor teaching centre

ILDERTON -- A new medical clinic and physician teaching centre that opened here Friday started with two family doctors facing the reality of their own mortality.

"We knew we are not going to live forever," said Dr. Lloyd Brubacher, who has practised medicine in the community since 1967. His partner Dr. Ray Meredith has been a family doctor for 50 years, 48 in Ilderton.

Concerned there would be nobody to replace them when they retired from their rural practice, the doctors six years ago appealed to the local municipal council and Lions Club. Building a new clinic was seen as one way to entice new doctors.

The results were beyond anybody's initial expectation with the province and University of Western Ontario becoming part of the project.

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