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Employee Benefits

Ontario's competitive advantage is particularly strong in the area of employee benefits costs.  The employee benefits costs are 10 to 15% lower in Ontario compared to similar benefits in the United States.

Ontario Benefits Programs % of Wage
Mandatory Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Workers Safety Insurance, Vacation, Employer Health Tax 13.82%
Optional Retirement & Pension Plan, Life Insurance & Death Benefits, Major Health Insurance, Short-term & long-term disability, dental, vision, physical & mental fitness programs 10.22%
Ontario Total   24.02%
U.S. Benefits Programs % of Wage
U.S. Total Comparable to Ontario* 35-40%
Source:  Ontario Ministry of Economic Development 2009
*costs range depending upon location, insurance plans, carriers & corporate policies


Property Tax and Tax Rates

Property taxes are collected based on a percentage of the property’s current market value assessment (CVA). Each municipality is required to collect property taxes, and set the tax rate for the various property types. Municipal tax rates vary depending on the property type.

The annual tax bill is calculated by applying the tax rate against the current market value assessment of the property

  • Current Market Value Assessment x County of Middlesex Tax Rate = County of Middlesex Property Taxes
  • Current Market Value Assessment x Lower Tier Tax Rate = Lower Tier Property Taxes
  • Current Market Value Assessment x Education Tax Rate = Education Property Taxes
  • County of Middlesex Property Taxes + Lower Tier Property Taxes + Education Property Taxes = Your Property Tax.

Property assessment is the responsibility of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. For more information, visit their website at

For more information on municipal tax rates, please contact your local municipality:

Links to local municipalities

Adelaide Metcalfe
Lucan Biddulph
Middlesex Centre
Newbury – email
North Middlesex 
Southwest Middlesex 
Thames Centre

Provincial Harmonized Sales Tax

As of July 1, 2010, Ontario harmonized its retail sales tax with the federal goods and service tax (GST) to implement the HST at the rate of 13%.

HST is charged on purchases of taxable supplies of property and services. A limited number of sales or supplies are exempt from HST.

Although the consumer pays the tax, businesses are generally responsible for collecting and remitting it to the government. Businesses are required to file returns on a regular basis, collect the tax on taxable supplies they make in Canada, and remit any resulting net tax owing.

The Canada Revenue Agency administers the HST. For more information visit their website or call 1 800 959-5525.

Industrial Development Charges

Municipality Industrial Development Charges $ / m2
Adelaide Metcalfe No Industrial Development Charges  
Lucan Biddulph No Industrial Development Charges  
Middlesex Centre Serviced Areas $22.95 / m2
Unserviced Areas $10.20 / m2
Newbury No Industrial Development Charges  
North Middlesex Ailsa Craig/ Narin/ Petty Street $0.70/sq.ft
Parkhill $0.72/sq.ft
Southwest Middlesex No Industrial Development Charges  
Thames Centre
Strathroy & Mt. Brydges $32.71 / m2
Other $14.42 / m2
No Industrial Development Charges  

Contacts for further information on Development Charges:

Municipailty of Middlesex Centre or 519-666-0190
Municipaltiy of Strathroy-Cardoc or 519-245-1070

Municipality of North Middlesex or 519-294-6244