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Patton's Excavating & Grading Inc.

Patton Excavating offers their services across residential, commercial and agricultural industries. Since becoming incorporated in 2013, the company has grown considerably and enjoys the fact that they’ve been able to hire locally due to the high quality of workforce in Middlesex County. Having a business situated near major highways allows Patton Excavating to service a wide customer base efficiently from their base in the Village of Newbury. The company is encouraged by the expansive commercial and residential development taking place across the County and is poised for further growth in the years to come.

Parkhill Meats

Following their immigration to Canada 18 years ago, Yaser Al Qayem and his family saw that there was a need for more quality meat options in Southwestern Ontario and set out with a plan to develop their own business. Located in the north of Middlesex County, Parkhill Meats has built a reputation as a high quality local meat producer with Halal certification. Parkhill Meats prides themselves on having good relationships with their local farmers, customers and value the access to a strong local workforce that their location in Middlesex County provides.

McLeod Water Wells

Providing access to the greatest necessity in life, McLeod Water Wells drills new wells, installs pumping systems and provides servicing for each. McLeod likes the attainable access to major amenities that comes with being centrally located in Middlesex County. They enjoy collaborating with other local businesses in the area and attribute the growth being seen across the County to their own business success.